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One of the main attractions in Tanzania is Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park. The Great Migration is actually one giant 1,000 kilometers circle, without a start or end. It constantly revolves clockwise. In January and February, new calves are born and numbers begin to swell. From there it’s endless, the circular pursuit of grass to graze and water drink, all dedicated by rain cycles

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Board your overnight flight to Nairobi today

Upon arrival in Nairobi, claim your bags and proceed towards arrival hall.Our Representative will meet you and assist you with your transfer to hotel.(Standard check-in time is 3:00 pm). Situated in along the Nairobi River in beautiful Kenya, the capital of Nairobi is East Africa’s most cosmopolitan city.It serves as an excellent starting point for African safari trips around Kenya.Nairobi is Africa’s 4th largest city and is a vibrant and exciting place, and although it has developed a reputation which keeps tourist visits brief, there are some fascinating attractions.Hotel: Nairobi.

  1. Today get involved in helping disadvantaged communities is both an opportunity to engage with local people and a rewarding way for socially responsible travelers to ‘give something back’. While there are many wealthy areas in Nairobi, other districts are home to low-income and disadvantaged families and children, and the grinding poverty they endure is very challenging and bad for their health. One Horizon initiates sustainable development programs in needy communities, and today you will help to prepare and serve a hearty and nutritious Kenyan lunch at a children’s feeding centre or ‘soup kitchen.’. You will have a fun and energetic day filled and you will pitch in with the chores like peeling and chopping fresh fruit and vegetables and cooking lunch of beans and ugali (a maize flour dish eaten across East Africa). You’ll Share the lunch with the kids and have the opportunity to talk to them about

  2. Their schooling and lifestyles, and you’ll discover that they are just interested about you as you are about them. This is a uniquely personal hands-on experience in a grassroots community that travelers would never typically interact with on a Kenyan holiday Hotel: Nairobi Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

  1. After breakfast, we begin our exciting vacation by driving towards the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve,arguably one of the finest game reserves in Africa.On the way you’ll stop at Tepesua Village, which is known for championing Maasai women’s health and education. You’ll be welcomed by Maasai Warriors by way of traditional song and dance. Meet your Maasai hosts and enjoy a fascinating talk, full of insights into this remarkable and ancient culture. Take a walk to the community village which was founded for widows who had lost their cows due to drought, and can never remarry. The village offers support, safety and economic growth through the ‘Teresa Widows Income Project’. Here the women are engaged in making handicrafts and sewing eco-friendly handbags,washable sanitary pads, and backpacks to sell to visiting travelers and locals.Learn about village life and be shown around a traditional Maasai home, and their cattle enclosures the jewel among Kenya’s game reserves. After this cultural experience, we will continue to the enormous reserve which is actually part of the vast Serengeti plains and is well-known for its spectacular wildebeest migration. It is the true home of the BIG FIVE: Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Cape Buffalo. Its name derives from the Maasai people, the ancestral inhabitants of the area, who still call the wide plains of Kenya and northern Tanzania home. As we travel through Maasai land, we occasionally come across a solitary Maasai Moran (=Warrior) standing on one foot while herding hundreds of cows, goats and sheep. His only defense against the dangerous wildlife surrounding him to all sides is a single stick or spear!Upon arrival in the Maasai Mara, we comfortably take lunch at our camp before exploring the huge reserve on a late afternoon game drive. In the evening, we relax around the campfire and enjoy an excellent dinner.

  2. Hotel: Mara Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Add-on-Early morning Hot Air Balloon Safari including amazing Champagne Breakfast in Bush–USD 450 per person extra There is nothing more peaceful and dramatic than drifting over the savannah as the sun peeks over the horizon and floods the land with light.Drift over the Maasai Mara in a hot air balloon as you view the animals below and take in the amazing sunrise. Your hot air balloon safari is topped off with a magnificent buffet breakfast and champagning the bush.The first pink tongues of sunlight flicker across the skies as the hot air balloon fills, then rises. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow-colored canopy, you will experience a wildlife viewing adventure from an entirely different perspective. Your hot air balloon flight lasts approximately one hour and 10 minutes, drifting wherever the air currents take you, with ample opportunities for photography and video filming. When your Kenyan hot air balloon safari finishes you will toast your return to earth with a champagne breakfast, cooked wherever you land. Your hour hot air balloon safari ends with a transfer back to your accommodation at in an open Jeep for easier game viewing.Alternatively, sleep in a bit before going on another full day game drive and have some amazing wildlife encounters. Enjoy breakfast at the lodge. This day of Safari adventure is exclusively spent in the Maasai Mara. We look out for the park’s Big Cats, the Big Five and the abundance of wildlife and natural wonders found in Kenya’s most famous game reserve. Remember to keep a sharp lookout;you may witness a dramatic hunt, a solitary Leopard retrieving its kill from the high branches of an acacia tree, or a herd of Elephants protecting their young from predators. The Maasai Mara has one of the richest wildlife ensembles in the world, hosting over 95 species of mammals and over 400 species of birds.Game viewing is never dull here, and patience is usually rewarded with unique sightings.Hotel: Mara Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

After breakfast, you’ll bid farewell to Kenya and drive with packed lunch boxes towards borders crossing over to Tanzania. After clearing immigration, we head towards Serengeti National Park. En-route enjoy game viewing. The Eastern Serengeti is known for rich acacia-dotted plains of the Eastern Serengeti are home to abundant wildlife. Visitors flock here to view the world-renowned wildebeest migration. Some of the best game-viewing can be enjoyed from Loboon the eastern edge of the Serengeti National Park along the Grumeti River Hotel: Serengeti Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The seemingly endless Serengeti Plains capture the essence of Africa. They are home to massive numbers of grazing animals and also various predators, and the interaction between the many species often provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the world. Today you will start around sunrise for a morning game drive and follow that up later on with an afternoon game drive,as the animals tend to be more active in the cooler hours of the day. You will usually return to camp during the hotter hours in the middle of the day, where you will enjoy a hearty meal, relax and maybe take a siesta. Depending on wildlife movements and opportunities for sightings, the drive may continue through lunch and last all day. In this case, you will return to camp in the late afternoon.Hotel: Serengeti Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  1. After an early breakfast you will head out for an en route game drive through the Serengeti. You might be able to spot some good game before embarking on

  2. Your journey to Ngorongoro Crater. This UNESCO world heritage site, formed millions of years ago, is 600m deep and covers roughly around 260 square kilometers. Due to its dense animal population of approximately 25 000, the crater offers the best game viewing of all the parks in Tanzania. You will arrive in Ngorongoro in time for Lunch.Post lunch relax at the lodge.Hotel: Ngorongoro Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast, we will proceed with our picnic lunch boxes for the Crater tour.Today you will explore the world-renowned Ngorongoro Crater, widely regarded as a microcosm of natural habitats in Africa and often touted as avertable Garden of Eden. Within this crater lies every type of ecosystem,including riverine forests, open plains, freshwater and alkaline lakes.Ngorongoro Crater is the remnants of an ancient volcano caldera, and within its 300 square kilometres is a remarkable concentration of wildlife. The scenery is spectacular as you descend almost 600 metres down to the crater floor. There is every chance that you will see a considerable variety of wildlife in this compact area, including the highly endangered black rhinoceros. In the afternoon you will leave the crater and return to camp to relax Hotel: Ngorongoro Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  1. Today marks the end of your Kenya Safari Vacation.you take home a big smile and a lifetime of memories-that much is certain!. After breakfast, you will drive to back to Arusha. We expect to arrive in Arusha around Noon.Rest of the day is at leisure.
  2. Hotel: Arusha Meals: Breakfast

Today you will be transferred to Kilimanjaro Airport for your onward destination either to Rwanda or Zanzibar option or back home, we will work on your plan according to your update as you share with us.