8 Recommendations on How to Travel Safe in Africa

8 Recommendations on How to Travel Safe in Africa

Africa is such a fascinating destination with an breathtaking array of jaw-dropping tourist attractions. The tranquil ambience and the wildlife, the aquamarine ocean, white sandy beaches, prominent mountains, and cultural displays are some of the best on the planet, which illustrates why this massive continent maintains to see thousands of visitors every year.

As much as traveling is often interesting and informative, it is imperative to have an idea of the area you intend to visit. Most times, when people deliberate about visiting Africa, one question that usually pops up ‘but is it safe’? Sure there may be parts of Africa that have recorded episodes of political unrest, but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the many natural amazement and memorable activities that it has to offer. With the below valuable tips, you should be able to enjoy a safe and unproblematic travel experience in Africa:

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Kenya Safari TourScams are far and wide, not just in Africa, but travel scams are even more notable, particularly for first-time visitors. There are varying degrees of travel scams and it is key that you are able to identify them to avoid being a victim. Some of the recurrent travel scams are:

  • Overbooked Hotel

Always make sure you book your hotel in advance. You may encounter taxi drivers who will tell you that the hotel you are headed to is fully booked so they can take you to an unbelievably expensive hotel, from which they’ll get a commission.

  • Broken Meters in Taxi

Schedule local transfers with your travel agent  to avoid getting conned by taxi drivers who usually charge more of unaware travelers.

  • Fake Tickets

Be aware of people trying to sell a plane, bus, train tickets for a bargain to avoid paying a higher fee. This is usually fake.


An unexpected person walks up to you and asks to help you with your withdrawal. Do not fall for this. The idea behind this is to get your information and before you know it, your money has disappeared. Another scheme they use is they ask if they can transfer money into your account so that you can assist them with withdrawals because their bank network is down. Do see through this ruse as the transfer may either be a hoax or you might become a co-conspirator to fraud.


Discredit night calls to your hotel room asking for your credit card details from the front desk. Avoid giving out your details and in the event that this happens, immediately ask to see the manager.

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It is preferable to avoid night crawling, particularly in thinly populated areas but if you must, then let the below tips guide you.

  • Go with a Local

If you feel the need to go out at night, use the help of a dependable local to take you.

  • Don’t be flashy

You don’t need a wise man to tell you that by blowing your own trumpet that will make yourself a likely target for theft. Lessen the splurging especially at night.

  • Try not to ask for directions From strangers

As earlier said, avoid asking for directions from strangers, particularly at night. This is why your guide is important.

  • Don’t Flash Money Around

Impulsive spending invites the wrong crowd. We advise that you keep limited cash especially at night.


This master plan is ever present around the world. They use children or elderly or apparently injured beggars to exploit tourists, perceiving that you can’t say no to them. When you highlight where your wallet is, those using the children may pickpocket later.

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Adventures in KenyaTo ensure a smooth travel experience, choose a reliable tour operator. Look into which tour operator best suits your requirements.


Adventures in KenyaThere are good hospitals with an adequate framework to provide for your health issues in the bigger cities, however in the remote areas, the health facilities are not so furnished you should therefore take all necessary safety measures. Almost every African country needs proof of Yellow fever vaccination, while Hepatitis A, Rabies, Typhoid and Meningococcal meningitis are all pretty common shots to get. You may also want to load a basic med tool kit that has:

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  • Anti-malaria medication
  • Antibiotics
  • Painkillers
  • Antihistamine
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Insect repellent

Know your Zambia from Congo, Malawi from Tanzania and the various intrinsic risks connected with visiting each. Do your fact-finding and if possible, get in touch with your national embassy for any safety matters in the area before starting on your trip to avoid going to a tumultuous destination.


The natural beauty of Africa cannot be exaggerated and there are numerous destinations littered all over the continent anticipated to be traversed. However, you be cognizant of the safety matters and situations in your preferred destination to avoid being swooped upon. This helps you stay ahead and makes your trip more interesting.

Now that you read all these, you’re now ready for your next adventure! Check out these best tours in Africa!

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