City Art Tour

City Art Tour

Embarking on a journey to discover the Bomas of Kenya promises an enchanting and immersive experience. In partnership with Karibu Nairobi, this month’s city art tour transports you through time on a captivating odyssey. This adventure offers a profound connection with the rich tapestry of culture and traditions that have thrived in Kenyan communities, from the coastal shores to the highlands and arid landscapes. While delving into these genuine villages, you’ll glean invaluable insights into the existence of our forefathers, their time-honored customs, and enduring beliefs that continue to shape our heritage.

The day reaches its zenith with a mesmerizing presentation of exquisitely detailed performances, each weaving tales of our people’s history and culture through vibrant showcases of our traditions and awe-inspiring acrobatic feats. This experience is an unparalleled opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace the traditional Kenyan way of life and relish an extraordinary, culturally enriching encounter.

Tour Highlights:

– Authentic Traditional Villages

– Enchanting Cultural Performances

– Dazzling Acrobatic Displays

– Curio Market Exploration

– Photography Opportunities


– 10:45 AM: Meetup at the benches near Bata Shop and the Hilton (opposite Kencom).

– 11:30 AM: Arrival and Registration at the Bomas of Kenya.

– 11:40 AM: Briefing

– 11:45 AM: Commence the immersive tour

– 2:15 PM: Engage in Games/Interactive Session

– 3:30 PM: Delight in Cultural Performances

– 5:00 PM: Conclude the comprehensive tour

What to Bring:

– An ID, Passport, or Student ID

– A notebook and pen

– Drinking water

– Snacks

– Comfortable shoes

– Positive vibes

This Experience is Perfect For You If:

– You have a passion for art, culture, and history.

– You appreciate the beauty of diverse traditions.

– You’re eager to explore and learn about Kenyan heritage.

This exceptional experience is tailored to enhance your understanding and appreciation of Kenyan culture and history.