Discover the Magnificent Tsavo East National Park

Discover the Magnificent Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East and Tsavo West together form one of the planet’s largest conservation areas, a testament to Kenya’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage. Tsavo East, in particular, is renowned for its awe-inspiring elephant population and the legendary tales of the Maneaters of Tsavo.

Tsavo East National Park.

Tsavo East stands proudly as one of Africa’s most expansive game reserves, strategically positioned between Nairobi and Mombasa. The lifeline of this arid region is the Galana River, which courses through the park, sustaining its remarkable wildlife. Notably, Tsavo East is home to some of the largest elephant herds in Kenya.

Tsavo East Highlights & Attractions.

  1. Giant Elephant Herds: Witness the spectacle of massive elephant herds adorned in red dust from their frequent wallowing and dust bathing.
  2. Mudanda Rock: An imposing rock formation towering above a natural dam, attracting numerous elephants every day to quench their thirst.
  3. Lugards Falls: These striking falls are a feature of the Galana River, cascading over uniquely shaped rocks, creating a breathtaking sight.

Activities in Tsavo East National Park

Enjoy a range of activities that immerse you in the park’s natural beauty:

– Game Drives:  Explore the park’s diverse wildlife on thrilling game drives.

– Bush Walks: Embark on guided bush walks to intimately connect with the landscape.

– Hiking and Rock Climbing:For the adventurous, Tsavo East offers excellent hiking and rock climbing opportunities.

– Horse Riding: Discover the park’s wonders from a different perspective with horseback riding.

Getting to Tsavo East

The primary entrance to the park is the Mtito Andei Gate, conveniently situated approximately 233 km (144 miles) from Nairobi along the Mombasa Road.

**Airport Access:** Given the park’s vast expanse, several camps and private lodges boast private airstrips. These airstrips include Aruba, Satao, Sala, Ithumba, Sangayaya, Mopeo, and Bachuma.

The Tsavo East Experience.

As Kenya’s oldest national park, Tsavo East holds a rich history and exceptional biodiversity. It’s renowned for hosting the country’s largest elephant herds and impressive lion prides. The park gained notoriety with the story of the Maneaters of Tsavo, two lions responsible for around 130 fatalities during the 1898 railway construction. Today, visitors can observe these majestic lions in their natural habitat.

One of the park’s defining features is the Yatta Plateau, the world’s longest lava flow, stretching over 300 km (185 miles). Another captivating sight is Lugards Falls, where the Galana River tumbles over rapids formed by uniquely shaped rocks. Game viewing is often best near water sources like the Aruba Dam.

Tsavo East is also home to giraffes, zebras, impalas, gazelles, and formidable buffalo herds. Predators include large lion prides, elusive leopards, and the fastest land animal, the cheetah.

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation.

  1. Satao Camp: Nestled in the heart of Tsavo East, Satao Camp is an unfenced gem shaded by tamarind trees, overlooking a popular waterhole. The camp offers an “Out of Africa” safari experience with luxury tented suites and guided game drives led by knowledgeable local guides.
  2. Galdessa Camp: Situated on the banks of the Galana River amidst beautiful doum palms, Galdessa Camp offers spacious en-suite bungalows inside Tsavo East National Park. The camp specializes in guided walking safaris for an authentic bush experience.


Tsavo East enjoys a moderate equatorial climate with temperatures ranging between 20 and 30°C. The park experiences two wet seasons: the long rains from March to April and the short rains from November to December.