Kilimanjaro Fundraising Expeditions

Kilimanjaro Fundraising Expeditions

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in support of a charitable cause has become a widely embraced endeavor. It’s not just a remarkable personal achievement but also a powerful motivation to raise funds for those in need. Bushbuck Safaris collaborates closely with charitable organizations and can customize Kilimanjaro challenges tailored to your preferred cause.

Organizing Your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for a Charitable Cause

The process is straightforward. First, you decide the type of Kilimanjaro expedition you wish to embark on. You can opt for a charity trip within our organized groups or request a private climb, whether for an individual or a group. There are three payment options to choose from:

  1. Self-funding
  2. Mixed-funding
  3. Minimum sponsorship

Once you’ve determined your preferred payment route, inform us, and we will establish a formal agreement with your chosen charity for your Kilimanjaro charity challenge. Subsequently, your selected charity will reach out to you, providing a fundraising package to kickstart your campaign and offering strategies to meet your fundraising target.

We strongly recommend setting up an online fundraising account for its convenience. These platforms are not only easy to use but also offer tax benefits. Registration is swift, granting you a personalized page that you can customize to align with your Kilimanjaro challenge. Here are some options for online charity fundraising pages:

  1. Virgin Money Giving
  2. Just Giving
  3. Bmycharity

From there, it’s your responsibility to spread the word. Utilize channels such as email, social media, events, collections, raffles, engagement with local schools, or involvement with your workplace. Numerous avenues exist to reach potential supporters, ensuring that you raise sufficient funds to undertake the Mount Kilimanjaro challenge while making a significant impact on the lives of others and achieving a monumental personal goal.