Preparing for Your Mount Kilimanjaro Adventure

Preparing for Your Mount Kilimanjaro Adventure

If conquering Mount Kilimanjaro has been your lifelong dream, meticulous preparation is key to ensuring a successful and memorable journey. While you’re responsible for organizing your climbing gear and equipment, we will provide communal items such as cooking utensils, food, and tents. To help you get ready, here’s a suggested checklist of specific clothing and other essentials:


  1. Hooded waterproof and breathable jacket
  2. Synthetic or down-filled insulated jacket
  3. Fleece or lightweight jacket
  4. Long-sleeve technical lightweight shirts
  5. Short-sleeve technical lightweight shirts
  6. Waterproof, breathable trousers
  7. Two pairs of hiking trousers
  8. One pair of fleece trousers
  9. Thermal underwear
  10. Optional shorts
  11. Sunhat
  12. Woolly hat
  13. Balaclava
  14. Waterproof thick climbing gloves
  15. Regular gloves
  16. Hiking boots
  17. Trainers
  18. Three pairs of thick socks
  19. Waterproof gaiters
  20. UV protection sunglasses
  21. UV protection goggles

**Gear and Equipment:**

– Water bottle (32 ounces)

– Lightweight towel

– Plastic bags of various sizes

– Sleeping bag

– Collapsible trekking poles

– Headlamp (plus batteries)

– 50 to 90-liter duffle bag

– 30 to 35-liter daypack

– Toiletries (including sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, camera)

**Other Items:**

– High-calorie, high-energy snacks

– Passport and Visa

– Immunization papers

– Insurance documents

It’s important not to overpack, as our porters can carry up to 15 kg per person from campsite to campsite. All your belongings, including the sleeping bag, must be placed in your duffle bag. If you have excess baggage, we kindly request that you hire an additional porter from us.


– Bring alcohol

– Bring water in recyclable plastic bottles


– Prepare for the possibility of checked-in baggage getting lost; wear essential climbing gear on the plane, as some items may not be available in Tanzania.

– In your hand luggage, carry your backpack, waterproof pants, jacket, insulated jacket, fleeces, toiletries, medication, paperwork, and camera.

– Check in your trekking poles, as they are not allowed on airplanes.

– While there are rental shops in Moshi near Mount Kilimanjaro, they may not replace all lost items, and some items may be second-hand and less sturdy than those from your home country.

With proper preparation and attention to detail, your Mount Kilimanjaro adventure will be an unforgettable and rewarding experience.