Why Safari with us!!

Why Safari with us!!

This is the year you’ve decided, the one when you embark on that long-awaited safari adventure. Or perhaps you’re returning to Africa, drawn by the allure of another extraordinary safari. Excellent decision. So, what criteria should your chosen safari tour company meet?

Experience? Absolutely. An inherent sense of adventure and spontaneity? Without a doubt. The ability to tailor your safari to your preferences? Certainly a priority. And of course, safety and security – an imperative to be guided by individuals deeply connected to this land, intimately familiar with its terrain.

And the guides? Should they be knowledgeable, seasoned, yet also imbued with a sense of fun, friendliness, and a willingness to share their expertise? Guides capable of leading you to prime viewing spots and adeptly tracking wildlife with astonishing precision? Undoubtedly.

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At Safari Seekers, we fulfill these criteria and beyond.

Kenya is Our Homeland When you choose us for your safari, you’re opting to journey alongside individuals raised in this breathtaking land of golden savannahs and lush green forests. Our entire team, from travel advisors to driver/guides, possess a profound reverence for this natural realm and its magnificent wildlife.

For over two decades, we’ve prioritized the preservation of both the land and its inhabitants, making ecological consciousness the cornerstone of our endeavors as we introduce guests to Kenya’s awe-inspiring parks. Our impact may be light, but our spirit of adventure runs deep.

A Seamless Experience Perhaps you’re feeling a bit uncertain about this grand adventure – the prospect of traveling all the way to Africa for a wild animal tracking safari.

Take a deep breath. From the moment your feet touch down at the international airport until the final embrace before your return flight, we’re by your side. Our 24-hour support remains unwavering throughout your stay.

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Booking is a breeze with our adept travel guides, eager to provide an array of suggestions to tailor your safari to your desires. Wondering which parks best align with your wildlife interests? Craving encounters with lions, chimpanzees, or flamingoes? We’ve got you covered.

Exceeding Expectations In all aspects. Every one of our tours showcases bespoke 4×4 Land Cruiser Safari Jeeps – the quintessential way to experience Africa.

Whether it’s a half-day exploration of Nairobi or an extensive nine-day expedition spanning multiple national parks, our offerings cater to every journey type – be it the vast plains, Rift Valley lakes, acacia-filled forests, or even marine sanctuaries. Witness the astounding Great Migration of wildebeests or frolic with playful dolphins and whales dancing alongside your vessel; our adventures will quicken your heart.

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Yearning to depart from Nairobi, traverse the parks, then unwind on Kenya’s inviting, sun-kissed shores? We’ve crafted a diverse array of tours tailored to this very dream.

Perhaps a fly and drive safari beckons – elongate your park experiences by minimizing road travel. This is our specialty, our knack for flexible arrangements.

Africa Kenya Safaris also extends value-centric group tours, connecting you with kindred spirits who share your zest for adventure.

Your All-Inclusive Haven From reservations to pick-up, travel logistics, and exhilarating game drives, we’ve got it all covered. We take pride in our comprehensive approach – no middlemen, no intermediaries. When you bestow your trust upon us, we’ll stand beside you, guiding you through every phase of your African safari.

For at Safari Seekers, we approach your enjoyment with the utmost seriousness. Join us on this unforgettable journey!