The Top 10 Best Activities to Do in Diani, Kenya

The Top 10 Best Activities to Do in Diani, Kenya

If you’re seeking wonderful activities to relish in Diani without straining your wallet, delve into this exquisite beach destination and its multitude of affordable options. Here are the top 10 outdoor experiences to savor in Diani:

  1. Skydiving in Diani

Embrace the excitement of skydiving in Diani, a globally renowned attraction. The clear skies in Diani enhance the joy of this sport, whether you’re engaging in tandem skydiving with top-notch equipment and seasoned instructors or joining the weekly boogie festivals in March and November, which provide advanced skydiving opportunities and exclusive training sessions.

  1. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Boat Trips

Uncover the rich marine life of Diani through captivating boat trips, scuba diving, or snorkeling adventures. These experiences offer both enjoyment and the chance to intimately engage with underwater creatures. Under the guidance of skilled professionals, you can come face to face with magnificent whale sharks and glide alongside the local turtle community, ensuring a secure and exhilarating adventure.

  1. Golfing

Following a delightful day at the beach, indulge in a round of golf at Diani’s world-class golf course, ensconced within verdant gardens. This course boasts meticulously irrigated fairways bordered by Cashewnut, Casuarina, and Pine trees, offering both thrills and tests for golfers. Boasting 85 bunkers, expansive lakes, and a length exceeding 6000 meters, it stands as the perfect destination for a family vacation or a gathering of golf enthusiasts.

  1. Shimba Hills National Park

No visit to Kenya is complete without catching sight of the renowned Big Five. Just a short 45-minute drive from Diani Beach, Shimba Hills National Park beckons for a thrilling game-viewing experience. As you traverse the hills, relish picturesque vistas of nearby villages and a respite from the beach’s bustling activities. Within the park’s boundaries dwell elephants, Sable Antelope, Leopards, Hyenas, and an array of other captivating wildlife species. Additionally, the park hosts over 111 bird species and houses a diverse range of reptiles, including Pythons, Lizards, Cobras, and Geckos.

  1. Diani Beach Art Gallery Exhibitions.

Immerse yourself in Kenya’s dynamic art scene at the Diani Beach Art Gallery, an inviting space where you can appreciate and acquire distinctive African artworks without straining your budget. The gallery welcomes you with exceptional sculptures at the entrance and offers a wide array of creations crafted by gifted African artists. Operating from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm, the gallery invites visitors without the need for prior reservations.

  1. Kongo Mosque Visit

Embark on a journey through history at the Kongo Mosque, a revered and iconic tourist destination in Diani. Constructed by Arab traders during the 14th century, this mosque stands as the oldest in East Africa and remains an active place of worship to this day. Encircled by a captivating garden graced by ancient baobab trees, the mosque offers enchanting vistas of the Kongo River and the Indian Ocean. Its architectural splendor serves as a testament to the area’s profound coastal heritage.

  1. Chale Island Day Trip

Unveil the allure of Chale Island, nestled 12 km to the south of Diani Beach, a haven for those seeking a romantic escape. This island paradise showcases pristine white sandy shores and entrancing coral reefs, creating the perfect setting for both water sports and tranquil relaxation. On Chale Island, your options abound, including snorkeling, kayaking, catamaran sailing, game fishing, and the chance to encounter playful dolphins. Venture further to explore nearby treasures like the Wasini Marine Reserve and the charming fishing village of Gazi.

  1. Relax at Diani’s Spas

Give in to pure relaxation and lavish pampering at Diani’s acclaimed spas, where you can bask in soothing massages, intricate henna paintings, and rejuvenating beauty treatments. Among these serene sanctuaries, Uzuri Spa Diani, nestled within the Leopard Beach Resort, stands out as an oasis for replenishing your body, mind, and spirit. Catering to both men and women, this haven offers an array of therapies, from anti-aging treatments and body wraps to waxing, manicures, pedicures, and revitalizing hydrotherapy. Beyond that, the spa boasts a fitness center, steam bath, sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a health bar, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience.

  1. The Forty Thieves Beach Bar & Bistro

Relish your preferred beverage amidst the tranquil ocean melodies at The Forty Thieves Beach Bar & Bistro. Situated right on the beachfront, this establishment treats you to live music, exciting water sports activities, and a delectable menu. It serves as an exceptional spot for unwinding, perfectly positioned in proximity to an array of shops, an 18-hole golf course, and other captivating Diani Beach attractions.

  1. Explore Fort Jesus

Wrap up your memorable Diani Beach expedition with a trip to the renowned Fort Jesus, conveniently reachable by a short drive from Diani. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, constructed in 1593 under the patronage of Portuguese Kings Philip I and Philip II, invites you to delve into its remarkably preserved historical legacy. It unveils a captivating narrative of the area’s colonial history and architectural marvels.

Diani Beach, Kenya, generously offers an array of activities catering to diverse interests and budgets, guaranteeing the formation of indelible memories throughout your vacation.