Top Cafes for a Delicious Experience in Nairobi

Top Cafes for a Delicious Experience in Nairobi

  • Pallet Cafe: A Special Place in Kenya, Where Coffee Meets Inclusivity and Tranquility

Located along James Gichuru Road, Pallet Cafe is more than just a cafe; it’s a heartwarming destination dedicated to the empowerment of differently-abled individuals. Surrounded by a vast and picturesque garden, this cafe offers a serene setting suitable for gatherings with friends, family, or remote work.

The menu at Pallet Cafe is a delightful fusion of healthy dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. However, what truly sets them apart is their exceptional coffee creations. A visit to Pallet Cafe guarantees not only delicious food and coffee but also the chance to engage with their remarkable and inspiring staff.

  • Java House: Nairobi’s Premier Coffee Destination for Exceptional Hand-Roasted Coffee

Java House, a trailblazing coffee shop in Nairobi, stands as an assurance of the country’s finest hand-roasted coffee experience. With a network of more than 20 branches across Nairobi, Java House has consistently delivered top-notch coffee to both the local community and passionate coffee aficionados.

  • Lava Latte: Where Coffee Meets Creativity and Community in Nairobi

Lava Latte goes beyond the traditional coffee shop experience; it serves as a thriving hub for Nairobi’s creative community, a sought-after workspace for individuals with busy schedules, an art gallery, and a dynamic event venue. Situated on State House Road, this cafe offers a serene and soothing atmosphere. Its vibrant and artistically decorated interior, featuring captivating artworks, makes Lava Latte the perfect escape from Nairobi’s lively urban life.

  • Artcaffé: Where Ambiance Meets Culinary Excellence in Nairobi

Artcaffé is a celebration of Nairobi’s dynamic culture, offering a distinctive design and unique style. This multifaceted establishment serves as a bakery, coffee shop, bar, and restaurant, catering to visitors of all ages. Known for its unwavering commitment to preparing consistently high-quality and delectable dishes, Artcaffé provides a relaxed yet sophisticated dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a quick grab-and-go meal, a casual coffee meet-up, or a memorable date-night dinner, Artcaffé is the ultimate destination in Nairobi.

  • Tin Roof Café: A Hidden Gem for Healthy Eats in Nairobi

Discover the hidden treasure that is Tin Roof Café, with branches in Langata and Karen. Renowned for its diverse menu featuring vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, this café is a haven for health-conscious diners. Indulge in a delightful selection of nutritious vegetarian salads, carefully crafted with locally-sourced vegetables, grains, pulses, seeds, and cheeses. Surrounded by a lush garden filled with the aroma of fresh herbs, flowers, and canopying trees, this tranquil restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying coffee on sunny days while losing yourself in the pages of a good book.

  • CJ’S Nairobi: A Refreshing Oasis in the Heart of the City

Nestled in Nairobi’s vibrant city center, CJ’S, a creation of Omar within the Mandela Group of companies since 2016, stands as a prominent destination. The café’s open and airy atmosphere, bathed in abundant natural light, beckons those who value spaciousness and comfort. Offering an expansive menu that spans cakes, delectable meals, an array of beverages, and an exceptional coffee selection, CJ’S ensures there’s something to satisfy every palate. In a city notorious for its traffic, CJ’S proves to be an oasis well worth the visit.

  • The Library at Sarit Centre: Where Books and Brews Meet

Nestled in the new wing of Sarit Centre, The Library earns its place among Nairobi’s top ten best cafes, thanks to its innovative concept of seamlessly blending a mini library with a food cafe. Here, patrons can indulge in a varied menu featuring snacks, light meals, and exceptional coffee. The cafe’s multi-story seating areas are adorned with a vibrant palette of bright yellow, orange, and blue, creating a tranquil and distraction-free workspace that’s ideal for savoring excellent coffee while surrounded by books.

  • Mugg & Bean: Where Friends and Family Connect Over Coffee and More

Mugg & Bean first left its mark on the African market in Cape Town in 1996 and later ventured into Nairobi, bringing with it more than just a coffee shop. It’s a welcoming space where friends and loved ones come together to unwind and rekindle connections through delightful conversations and delectable food. Whether your cravings lead you to world-class coffee, decadent freshly baked cakes, wholesome salads, gourmet burgers, or mouthwatering grills, Mugg & Bean has it all. Plus, with the allure of bottomless coffee cups, it invites patrons to linger a little longer, relishing every sip.