9 Days Rwanda Itinerary

Durations9 Days

Tour TypeRwanda safaris

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Your journey begins with an early morning arrival in Kigali. From there, embark on a four to five-hour drive to Akagera National Park. The road is primarily well-paved and in excellent condition until the final stretch.

Akagera National Park, sprawling across 100,000 hectares, is located in eastern Rwanda, bordering Tanzania. Managed by African Parks in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board since 2010, the park boasts some of the most picturesque savannah landscapes in East Africa, featuring open plains, woodlands, lakes, swamps, and grassy low mountains. Over the last eight years, Akagera has undergone a remarkable transformation, with poaching virtually eliminated and wildlife thriving. Lions were successfully reintroduced in 2015 after a 20-year absence, and the black rhinoceros made a comeback in 2017.

In the evening, enjoy a boat ride on Lake Ihema, where you can spot hippos and various bird species.

Spend the night at a hotel within the park.

Rise early for a full day of safari game drives, guided by an expert, through the stunning landscape of Akagera National Park. The park’s diverse terrain is home to a wide range of wildlife, including buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe, spotted hyena, zebra, and more. Visitors can enjoy expertly-guided game drives, walks, and boat trips, providing opportunities to observe the park’s rich biodiversity. Akagera is also renowned for its nearly 500 bird species, including the remarkable shoebill with its oversized bill and the almost exclusive red-faced barbet.

Retire to the same hotel for the night.

Depart from Akagera National Park and head to Nyungwe Forest. Along the way, take a stop in the Cultural Heritage Corridor of Rwanda to visit the King’s Palace and The Ethnographic Museum.

Covering over 1000 square kilometers, Nyungwe is one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine mountain rainforests. Believed to be one of Africa’s oldest forests, it remained green even through the Ice Age, explaining its remarkable diversity.

Home to habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primate species, including a 400-strong troop of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus monkeys, it’s also a paradise for birdwatchers with over 300 species, including 16 endemics, and housing 75 different mammal species.

This majestic rainforest offers an array of nature and wildlife experiences, from hiking and biking through the beautiful terrain to tracking the famous chimpanzees and experiencing the canopy walk. Enjoy breathtaking bird sightings and relax by the waterfalls, just a glimpse of the activities Nyungwe has to offer.

The sounds and views in Nyungwe collaborate to create a unique wildlife experience. Exploring the forest, you’ll witness lush green mountains and cooling mist in a landscape you won’t soon forget.

Experience the only canopy walk in East Africa before heading to your hotel.

Rise early for a chimpanzee tracking expedition in Nyungwe Forest. After a brief guide briefing, traverse through stunning tea plantations before entering the lush, dense forest. With over 13 species of monkeys in the forest, along with excellent birding opportunities and over 100 butterfly species, you’ll have plenty to observe, including the occasional chameleon.

The tracking adventure can last anywhere from one to four hours, but you’ll likely hear the chimpanzees as soon as you enter the forest. Once you find them, you’ll spend an hour with the chimpanzees, watching them play, interact, and eat in the atmospheric forest.

Return to your hotel for relaxation and refreshment.

Embark on a scenic drive along the coastal road to Lake Kivu, where you’ll reach Serena Hotel after a three-hour journey. This drive offers some of Rwanda’s most beautiful scenery, with panoramic views of Lake Kivu’s numerous islands and picturesque shores.

Serena Hotel, situated on the north shore of Lake Kivu, provides stunning views of the lake and the Congo region.

Enjoy a relaxing day by kayaking and swimming in the lake. Kingfisher Journeys offers opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and mountain biking around Lake Kivu and its surroundings.

Spend the morning relaxing by Lake Kivu before heading to Volcanoes National Park in the afternoon.

Relax at your hotel near Volcanoes National Park.

Embark on an early morning gorilla tracking expedition in Volcanoes National Park. At sunrise, drive to the park headquarters, where you’ll receive a briefing, assistance from porters, and tea or coffee before entering the forest. Local porters can be arranged to enhance your gorilla tracking experience under the guidance of an expert.

The duration of the tracking adventure can vary, ranging from 90 minutes to the entire morning, depending on the assigned gorilla family group. You’ll have an invaluable hour with the gorillas, either following their movements or staying with them as they go about their daily activities. Your guide will ensure you are in the best positions to capture stunning photographs and fully savor this breathtaking encounter.

Return to your hotel for a relaxing evening and refreshments.

Embark on a golden monkey tracking excursion. Hikes to see these agile and fast-moving monkeys are an adventurous way to explore the forest. Recognizable by their bright orange bodies, these indigenous monkeys are more elusive than gorillas, and their quick movements will keep you on your toes.

Return to your hotel to freshen up and enjoy a light meal before heading back to Kigali that afternoon.

Spend the night at a Kigali hotel and relish the delicious food and amenities.

Your journey concludes as you depart from Kigali on your flight.