One Night Manyara + One Night The Serengeti + One Night Ngorongoro Crater or Karatu

Durations4 Days

Tour TypeNgorongoro Crater

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14:00 Commence your safari driving from Arusha City Centre to Manyara passing through the Masai Steppe filled with many villages as well as Farms. The journey will be through stunning countryside on to the scenic escarpment where Manyara is located. Arusha City which is located to the North of Tanzania, home to almost 1.3 million people. Welcoming and rich in heritage and culture, it’s a must-visit place in Tanzania. Arusha offers amazing views of Mount Meru as it is situated right at the foot of this second tallest mountain. The city is to the East of the Great Rift Valley with a temperate climate.

18:00 A delicious dinner awaits and overnight stay at MANYARA (D) *travel time/distance is approximately 2.5 hours/130km (81 miles)

07:00 Start the day with a hearty breakfast 08:00 After breakfast. Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park. Be prepared to be thrilled! This wildlife park stretches for 50 km along the bottom of the Rift Valley escarpment which reaches 600 metres high. There’s no doubt, Lake Manyara is one of Africa’s brightest jewels and was described as “The loveliest I had seen in Africa” by Ernest Hemingway, famous world explorer. Now it’s your chance to explore this huge expanse of unbelievable wildlife land including jungle, forest, plains and see an amazing variety of animals such as the blue monkeys, the forest hornbills, the bushbuck, lions, wildebeest, zebra, elephants plus so many more. 12:00 Return to lodge for lunch or you may opt for a picnic lunch. 14:00 The journey continues North West across the stunning hilly countryside of the highlands which is filled with Farms, and then into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. From here proceed to the vast plains of the Serengeti, where you’ll hopefully start spotting animals well before you get into the park. The Serengeti National Park is one of the world’s most famous Safari Parks and home to thousands of animals. The name means “Endless Plains” in the Maasai language and this park is simply magnificent. Often featured in adventure movies and definitely an inspiration to filmmakers, writers and photographers it is a must-do adventure when in Tanzania.

18:00 Enjoy a well-deserved dinner and overnight at SERENGETI (B.L.D) *travel/distance time approximately 5 hours/230 km (143 miles)

06:00 Early breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 After breakfast leave the lodge for an amazing game drive through the great Serengeti as you drive towards Ngorongoro. Serengeti National Park plays a vital role in the annual Great Wildebeest Migration when approximately 2 million animals (mainly wildebeest) migrate from The Serengeti to Kenya’s smaller Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It is a dangerous trip for the animals and many die. However, to witness the journey is mesmerizing and something you will never forget. The photographic opportunities are endless. You have the option of passing through The Olduvai Gorge. This area is where many incredible archaeological discoveries have been found. It’s also a beautiful area with lush, grassy land and Tanzanian Acacia trees sweeping majestically on the landscape.

18:00 Enjoy Dinner and overnight NGORONGORO or KARATU (B.L.D) *travel time/distance is approximately 3.5 hours/140 km (87 miles)

06:00 Start with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. 07:00 After breakfast, this morning as you depart to Explore the World’s largest intact volcanic caldera. Enjoy the thrill of your first Crater drive in search of wildlife. The Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a conservation area. It is located West of Arusha City. It is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world and is one of Africa’s best places to see wildlife in its natural habitat. It is simply magnificent and has stayed the same for thousands of years. Within the deep walls of the crater you’ll find 25,000 large mammals living there. They wander through the lakes and forests. Some of the wildlife to be seen are bull elephants, rhinos, lions, hyena, buffalo, wildebeest and so many more in all their magnificence. 12:00 A picnic lunch is served overlooking a small lake populated with hippos.

14:00 Depart and head to Arusha City passing through the Masai Steppe filled with many villages as well as Farms (B) *travel time approx. 4 hours/210 km (130 miles)